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PlantLife Support


Most plants need light, water, air, nutrients and space to grow in order to survive. We need you. So helping you live your best plant life vital to us. PlantLife 101 has some essential ingredients to help you grow. If you need more, let us know!



Want to learn more about joining our PlantLife Partnership Program? 

Do you have expertise rooted in plants? Interested in hosting a club or becoming a PlantLife expert? Let us know by saying



Want to connect your cause, brand, or business? 

Do you have some plants you want to trade? Want to set up your local plant shop online? Have a community 503C program you need help supporting? Or have other growth opportunities? Let us help you set up



Want to help weed out pests and capture a few bugs? 

We strive to create a place where plants and people thrive. A non-toxic space where we can collaborate, share and create. If you see any suspicious or inappropriate behavior, help us weed it out. Experienced any bugs, please capture them and hare them. Let us help provide better