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Meet PlantLife Expert The Gardenista, Lana Pappas

Meet PlantLife Expert The Gardenista, Lana Pappas

Lana believes plants have superpowers if you listen to them. 

After graduating from university, Lana Pappas moved to NYC to pursue her passion for photography. While she was studying under professional photographers, she lost someone very dear to her. As part of her healing process, she moved back home to California and started to surround herself with the care and nurturing of plants, which became an essential part of her healing process.

This passion and appreciation for plants soon turned into a business. Through the power of plants, Lana began to transform spaces that people lived and worked, into places and businesses that thrived. Soon she found more people trusting her to elevate their environments through plants. Her business took off, and she never looked back. 


"Did you know that Biophilia is real? It is not just a hypothetical human theory that describes people's desire to be close to nature and plants."

Lana knows firsthand the benefits of greening up your life. That's why she's co-founded PlantLife with Leslie Mullins to cultivate a new online community where plants and people thrive. Lana helped partner with SuperPeer to make it easy for consumers to book virtual house calls with plant experts from around the world. At PlantLife x SuperPeer you can book a virtual house call with Lana. She can help answer your plant questions or even talk about how to convert spaces into places where people can grow.

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"As technology enables humans to go faster, we look to nature to help slow us down."

Lana and her team of plant experts have developed plantlifeOS —an ever-growing database of over 700 houseplants to help plant parents care and learn about their plants. She is leveraging technology to help others care for their plants so that in turn they will be nurtured by them. Tracking your progress, and that of your plant is an important part of the journey. When you download the PlantLife app, you can create plant profiles of your plant buddies and post pictures and questions directly to the community.

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"We're creating a space where people and plants thrive."

You can also find Lana at The Gardenista the business she's been growing for over 15 years. During that time, it has become a favorite of San Francisco Bay Area’s top architects and interior design firms. Lana collaborates with them on visionary projects for businesses, restaurants, wineries, and private residences. More and more individuals and companies in Silicon Valley realized that connecting with nature in their daily lives helps create balance and wellness for themselves and their employees.

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Download the PlantLife App and follow @lanapappas. Post a question and you'll be sure to get an answer the community of plant people —including Lana. 




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